Friday, May 24, 2013

Sucré Salé, Brussels

the storefront of Sucré Salé
I've crawled out of the mountain of work, emails, and errands that piled up while I was away.  Now, finally, some time to reflect on my time in Europe.  

our friendly waitress
Imagine my delight when a dear friend brought me to a charming cafe with the namesake of my blog: Sucré Salé.  The cafe is in the Saint Boniface area of Brussels, which -- notwithstanding the neo-Gothic cathedral that towers above the surrounding buildings -- has a lively and bohemian feel to it, with colorful boutiques, shops, and restaurants lining the streets.

True to its name, Sucré Salé offers up both sweet and savory options.  The savory menu has over two dozen salads, sandwiches, and quiches to choose from.  For those in the mood for something sweet, there are pastries (apple turnovers, croissants, viennoiserie sweet rolls, raisin brioches) and desserts galore (molten chocolate, flourless chocolate, lemon meringue, apple crumb, and brown sugar cakes).  I had a perfect combination of a croque-madam and flourless chocolate cake.

the beautiful display of Sucré Salé's desserts

my lunch of croque-madame

the cafe's charming interior
The cafe's decor is charming, with tin cans lining the shelving that spans the entire length of a wall; specials of the day written out by hand on a chalkboard; and a large basket placed near the register revealing fresh baguettes and pastries.  The exposed brick adds rustic charm.  The mood is homey and casual, someplace you'd like to sit for hours, alone with a book or -- in my case -- catching up with a friend.