Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here's what's on the table for New Year's Eve weekend

I think about food.  A lot.  At any given moment I can be recounting many a delicious meal I've indulged on (Greg is always remarking on my incredible "food memory").  When I'm not recollecting, I'm looking ahead.  There are few questions more delightful to ask myself than what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner or serve at the next party I throw.  The sole thing to top that question is where to spend my next vacation.  Only my love of travel trumps my love of food.

So, naturally, the first thing that came to mind yesterday when I deplaned for a layover en route to NY was what foods to prepare during the long weekend.  I have four glorious days to spend in the kitchen before I return to work.  Far away from my stash of cookbooks and magazines, I headed to the nearest newsstand for some inspiration.  I picked up Food & Wine Magazine, and together with a copy of "Apron Anxiety" (part memoir, part cookbook, it's a fun and engaging read for foodies and memoir-lovers alike) which I was traveling with, I settled into a comfy couch and contentedly did some meal planning.

In the course of just an hour, I cobbled together a menu that I'm excited about.  From Food & Wine magazine I chose Hippie-Style Egg Salad Sandwich; Asian-Brined Pork Loin; and Stir-Fried Noodles with Roast Pork (to be made with the left-over pork).  From Apron Anxiety: Easy, Asian-Inspired Fish (the name doesn't do it justice: this recipe calls for bread crumbs, ground ginger, hoisin sauce, and mustard powder); and Easy Pizza after a Tough Time (I'm thinking of using rich, buttery burrata).  Add to the menu Banana-Bacon-Stuffed French Toast with Hazelnut-Chocolate (a recipe I squirreled away last month for a special treat), I think I'm set for a few days at least!

Now onto what desserts to bake ...

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