Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Paris

My first time in Paris I remember well.  I saw the Mona Lisa, got kissed under the Eiffel Tower, and had an exquisite meal: red wine-braised duck and my first taste of foie gras.  My second time in Paris I explored Le Marais on foot, had my first taste of Laduree macarons, and dined at the marvelous Hidden Kitchen.  On my most recent trip I rode through the streets of Paris on the back of a motorcycle and had my first meal of kangaroo.

Each time I go to Paris, I'm a-flutter with excitement; each time I leave I'm wrapped under its spell.  Memories linger, the senses remember far after the plane touches down in NY.

I've been poring over food and fashion blogs these past few days in preparation for my next trip: the Hip Paris Blog, the unlike City Guides, and the Parisien Salon.  I've learned the macaron has given way in popularity to the eclair, which is enjoying a "serious revival" in Paris.  Out with the old; in with the new.  I now have some tips on how to lug my camera around and still stay "perfectly fashionable."  Chic bag, check.  And I have a list (fairly manageable, I think) of the best new patisseries, wine bars, and restaurants to check out.  Indulgences, sweet and savory.  I cannot wait.

À plus tard.


  1. So exciting! Have a lovely time.

  2. Oh...sounds like you're having fun in Paris. Wish I have a chance to visit...someday...soon! ;)